Daniellla Topol director

Tiny Feats of Cowardice

Tiny Feats of CowardiceTINY FEATS OF COWARDICE

A One Woman Musical by
Susan Bernfield and Rachel Peters

Performed by Susan Bernfield


Tiny Feats of CowardiceTINY FEATS OF COWARDICE was presented at the 2008 New York International Film Festival; as a work-in-progress at the 2007 Adirondack Theatre Festival in Glens Falls, New York; and in development at New York Theatre Workshop and Joe’s Pub.

...on piano Scott Ethier
...on bass Dan Shuman
...on drums  Aaron Russell


“Director Topol has wisely kept both the staging and the performance style simple, focusing on clarity and transparency in the storytelling, and on building that rapport in both the monologues and the musical numbers.”

– NYTheatre.com


Daniellla Topol director