Daniellla Topol director

Lascivious Something

Lascivious SomethingLascivious Something

By Sheila Callaghan

Produced by the Women's Project and Productions in Association with Cherry Lane Theatre


Rob Campbell
Dana Eskelson
Ronete Levenson
Elizabeth Waterston

design team

Marsha Ginsberg

Theresa Squire

Christopher Akerlind

Broken Chord Collective




"Under Daniella Topol's direction, the performers go through their contortions with an admirable conviction."

– Frank Scheck, NY Post

"Sheila Callaghan isn't most playwrights—she has a much more intricate theatrical imagination, beautifully channeled here through director Daniella Topol's production—"

– Loren Noveck NYtheatre.com

"Wisely, she has once again paired with the visually deft director Daniella Topol (Dead City and the eventual Water), and together they have mounted a poetically stunning, emotionally satisfying, and deeply physical play, Lascivious Something."

– Aaron Ruccio, thatsoundscool.com

"Daniella Topol crisply directs this unusual look at the duality of human nature"

– Jennifer Farrar, San Franciso Chronicle

"Carefully crafted performances filling director Daniella Topol's delicately guided production."

– Andy Propst, Backstage


Daniellla Topol director