Daniellla Topol director



By Trista Baldwin

Produced by the Workhaus Collective in Minneapolis, MN


Annie Anneking
Catherine Johnson-Justice
Julie Kurtz
Nick Cantrell

Carol and Jill by Leslie Ayvazian

Julie Kurtz, Nick Cantrell. photo: Kevin McLaughlin


“The three women are crisp and effective in director Daniella Topol's production.”

– Star Tribune, Minneapolis-St. Paul

“There are laughs in Forgetting, but outweighing laughs are the number of deep breaths you’ll take as you are hit semi-truck force by the verisimilitude this emotionally-charged and wise drama presents...Other successes here include how easily Daniella Topol’s direction allows you to visualize scenes from subway cars to Coney Island despite the non-existent set.”

– David de Young, www.howwastheshow.com


Daniellla Topol director