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WATER with New Georges at 3LD (2017)

Bobby Goldman and Drew Brody’s CURVY WIDOW (tba)

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Water, Or the Secret Life of ObjectsWater,
or the Secret Life of Objects

Inspired after Hurricanes Katrina and Rita struck the Gulf Coast, WATER (OR THE SECRET LIFE OF OBJECTS) explores how we as a global community overcome tragedy, surrender to it, or exist in the spaces between.  Part One of this multi-lingual, multi-disciplinary piece imagines an imminent global flood.  Part Two travels to the not-too-distant future, post-flood, where we see how an expert chef and a leading hydrologist have survived the flood (for the most part).  We explore water mythology in Part 3 which links the far past with the distant future.

Led by director Daniella Topol, WATER is being created collaboratively by theater artists Sheila Callaghan (playwright), Katie Down (sound and music), Leah Gelpe (video projections), Mimi Lien (scenic design), and Tyler Micoleau (lighting design), and a company that includes multi-lingual actors, dancers, and singers.  WATER has been made possible with support from HERE Arts Center, Baryshnikov Arts Center, CUNY Martin E. Segal Theatre, and the Princess Grace Work-In-Progress Award.

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Water, Or the Secret Life of Objects“What I'm about to tell ya is. I'm allergic to wheat. Just kidding. I mean I AM allergic to wheat, but that's not what I told Malachi or Ma. I told them the story of how I feel sometimes when I think of death. Like I'm sitting crosslegged at the bottom of the sea, looking at starfish and stingrays and all sorts of sea animals floating around, and there’s no noise, none at all, and me hair is lifting all around me head like a net, and I'm calm. I'm calm.” 

– Aoife, an Irish girl at a pub

Al tercer día, me organizaré para tomar el bus de regreso a Lima.
On the third day, I will plan to take the bus back to Lima.
Pero no lo haré.
But I will not.
Al cuarto día, el pueblito habrá desaparecido.
On the fourth day, the village will be gone.

– Maria, a Peruvian maid, with live oral translation


pictured above (L to R): April Matthis, Oliver Burns, Anna Gutto, HERE Arts Center's Culturemart 2009. photo by Carl Skutsch

pictured at left: April Matthis, HERE Arts Center's Culturemart 2008.
photo By William Cusick.



Daniellla Topol director