Daniellla Topol director

Dead City

Dead CityDead City

by Sheila Callaghan

Produced by New Georges
at 3LD








April Matthis

Elizabeth Norment

Peter Rini
Gabriel, Hank, Homeless Man, et al.

Shannon Burkett
Rosalind, Gloria, A.A.M.,et al.

Rebecca Hart
Nora, Beatrice, et al.

Dan Illian
Voice, Jacob, Cabbie, et al.

Alfrendo Narciso
Young Man, Erik, Waiter, et al.

creative team

Cameron Anderson
Set Designer

Jenny Mannis
Costume Designer

Josh Epstein
Lighting Designer

Robert Kaplowitz
Sound Designer

William Cusick
Video Designer

Heidi Handelsman
Assistant Director

Jessica Hendricks

Leigh Boone
Production Stage Manager



“Daniella Topol has staged a lively production that displays the showmanship of a small Broadway musical.”

– New York Times

“Director Topol…does a fine job placing Callaghan's flowing texture on a simple stage.”

– Variety

Daniellla Topol director